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Runsun Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in the Nantong Development Zone. The area enjoys exceptional advantages in geographical position and transport facilities,only about 80 kiIometers away from Shanghai and can ship the products abroad directly to the world wide.
Runsun Industry Co.,Ltd, which owns new patents, is engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling of 4-30HP light diesel engines, and 2-15KW light diesel generator sets and relative sets of machinery . Runsun will not only devote all our efforts to provide both quality products and service to our customers,but also is always committed to make our products live harmoniously with our environment.
     Possessing independent intellectual property rights, with SAE connection dimensions, BOSCH injector, SKF main bearing, vertical & horizontal shafts outputs, the new series RS836D and RS870D V-twin air-cooled diesel engines are widely applicable to different markets, including diesel lawn mowers, diesel generator sets, diesel water pump sets, transportation vehicle, boat propeller, construction machinery, air pump etc, and the engines are the ideal power for stationary and mobile machinery.
     Runsun generator sets control its steady speed-governing rate within 3%, meeting the military standard; and the set is equipped with unique full automatic protection system. All these merge to make Runsun Engine leaders in the power industry.
     We pay much attention to the quality of our products. Nowadays, the products have obtained ISO9001 certification. Each step of manufacture is carried out with stirct adherence of the certifications . and the products also have got the Europe CE certification and be exported to more than 50 countries and regions. With the worldwide sales and after-sale service network,we can guarantee quick and timely information and transportation.
     With respect of the cultural diversity and market specificities,Runsun keep designing professional solutions to our demanding customers,wherever they are. While Runsun is sticking to our traditional products, we are developing various new products meeting appropriate demand for a wide range of applications. Where you find Runsun, you find fun and convinence.

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